National Pollution Control Day

On the occasion of National Pollution Control Day on 2nd December, 2022, Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre organized for a select group of students guided by Mr. Vikas Sharma, Research Manager-MRIIC and Innovation Coordinator- IIC to be taken on a visit to view the Pariyayantra Air Filtration System developed by Parimukh Innovations displayed at the Manav Rachna Manufacturing Workshop housed near the cricket ground.

It was aimed at building insight about pollution which is one of the greatest challenges facing humankind along with how innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour can help solve these challenges and control pollution. Pariyayantra by Parimkukh Innovations is an immediate solution to air pollution. The Pariyayantra Air filtration system is a simple, beautiful, engineered product. It is an ‘Air Pollution Mitigation’ product that cleans atmospheric air through filters fitted on vehicles. It does not require any power to operate.

The size of the filter depends on the width of the vehicle. For buses, they are larger in size while for two-wheelers they will be comparatively smaller. Students were thrilled to see a product which, if fitted on every bike, auto and car in the capital, could help clean the atmospheric air. As Delhi’s air quality remains severe, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) also tried this new innovation to improve the deteriorating air quality of the national capital.

The students were given an opportunity to interact with the innovators Mr. Amit Kumar Singh and Ms. Prachie Sharma and got to know about the journey of its development right from identification of problem to prototyping to the various hurdles encountered and how they were innovated upon. The students were motivated to identify their own such problem statement and aspire for a cleaner, greener, pollution free environment.

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