Startups are the frontier of innovation, where bold ideas collide with entrepreneurial spirit to create groundbreaking solutions. They embody resilience, creativity, and the drive to disrupt the status quo, shaping the future of industries worldwide.




Founded in June, 2020 with a mission to become the world’s most Hobby centric platform.

• HOBIT is a one-of-its kind virtual platform with a vision to connect educators and learners from all over the globe.

• The platform enables the users to access pre-recorded modules and live video sessions with the topmost tutors acrossthe world.

• HOBIT is providing 360-degree solution for hobbies/ passion learning through their application

Shuttle Express

● Shuttle Express is creating an umbrella where the unorganized ground Transportation sector can fulfill the requirements of B2B Travel agents

and corporate companies.

● By this, we reduce poverty and improve the health, housing, education, and overall well-being of Transport operators and Drivers


Helix Smartlabs believes in bringing change in technology which can truly impact the lives of people.

• we have inline more than 10 products which can ease your daily life.

• With variants ranging from smart home appliances to security devices, get anything and everything that brings life to your home

2nd Life Innngs

The concept of nuclear families and the migration of children to other cities and countries aggravate loneliness, depression and
insecurity, and health issues in our elders.
● 2nd is a one-stop solution for all requirements.
● We will provide them with a dignified, secure, happy, and healthy life as a companion.
● 2ndlifeinning services are categorized into three segments, first: Retired Community Living, second: Services on Demand, and Third is Utility Services.
● 2nd Life Innings endeavor is to create an environment whereby the elders may feel that LIFE BEGINS AT 60 YEARS.

Asset reclaimer

Asset Reclaimers brings to you the complete solution to any issues with the physical documents of share or debentures.
● Our experts assist clients in resolving doubts/ queries related to share transfer, claims by a nominee, name deletion/ modification, etc.
● We have experts to help you recover the unclaimed amount from lost or damaged share certificates as well.

Fin Horse

We provide a one-stop shop for all aspects of financial management.
● Throughout the entire process of building and managing your portfolio, everything has been taken care of.
● As your financial doctor, we can monitor your financial health and restore it if necessary.
● Our idea behind this is crystal clear: to provide more and more HNI’s for society.


● Abhedya is an indigenous GUI-based Firewall as well as it has its unique features like IP block, Region wise block, and Countrywise block traffic. ● It also shows the location of the Attacker by IP LOOKUP. ● Abhedya gives protection against bad bots, IP whitelisting, Bad word Protection, Scammer IP Protection, Live Traffic of Website, and many more feature


● CVMS can create a lot of impacts while building a safe and secure nation because it is a kind of a full-fledged system from which organizations
will get overall security for their infrastructure.
● Since we have reported vulnerability on almost all big tech giant servers, we feel we can do it better



● We observed that the students who live in the P.G or the people who live alone are very much busy in their work and they don’t get any
time for washing their clothes.
● For this problem we think of making an app from which any person can book our washing, iron service from the comfort of their home.

Poshan twigs

A product based startup that aims to provide handy and nutritious breakfast for working class/busy people to
fulfil their energy requirements.

Jelly Sea

• Mission Statement: Jelly Sea aims to revolutionize the jelly industry by offering a healthier alternative through the creation of herbal jelly, thereby promoting wellness and sustainability.
• Product Innovation: Leveraging natural ingredients and herbal extracts, Jelly Sea develops a range of herbal jellies that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, catering to health-conscious consumers seeking wholesome alternatives.
• Health Benefits: By utilizing herbs known for their medicinal properties, such as aloe vera, chamomile, and peppermint, Jelly Sea’s products not only provide a delightful taste
experience but also offer potential health benefits, including improved digestion and stress relief


• Our aim is to build AI-based posture detection system.
• The posture detection system takes the input from your device’s camera and analyzes your posture throughout the workout session.
• To scale, we begin collaborating with neighbourhood gyms and offering training from professionals and social media influencers.
• We are integrating an e-commerce platform for all supplement vendors and gym equipment.
• Our app will allow users to track their fitness progress and connect with a community of like-minded people.
• The app could also allow users to connect with each other and find support and motivation.

Chitra Bhoomi

● Main goal is to establish an Indian Mythic Cinematic Universe to raise knowledge about Indian mythology among young
● We are now working on storyline character development and character design, as well as developing our own five separate
● The website and application interface are ready.
● We generated the revenue of 49000 by selling animation to our client.
● We plan to produce and make movies, animations, podcasts and advertisements


● EV-based portable washing centres at your doorstep. It is an application-based startup that is portable and cost-effective also.

Fast EV

Our motive is to develop highly efficient portable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment at a reduced price.

● Developed and made in India.

● As the product i.e. developed with the mentorship of highly educated educators, budding engineers and

entrepreneurs, the price can be regulated and the charger output gear would be highly efficient.

Modular Battery

● When lead-acid batteries fail, it’s often due to failure in only one cell.
● However, due to the way, the batteries are constructed; we end up having to replace the entire battery.
● We are modularizing our battery such that only a part of the battery has to be replaced, not the entire battery.
● Thus, we are reducing the replacement cost to 17%. We are also considerably reducing recycling costs and lead pollution, thus, promoting a sustainable ecosystem.

Pill Box

• Target Audience: Focus on developing a portable medicine dispenser machine tailored for the elderly, emphasizing user-friendly design and accessibility features to enable independent medication management.
• Customization: Implement customizable medication schedules and dosage reminders to accommodate individual prescriptions and routines, enhancing user convenience and medication adherence.
• Connectivity: Integrate smart technology capabilities for remote monitoring by caregivers or family members, ensuring medication adherence and timely refills, while also
prioritizing safety features to prevent accidental misuse


Organic Farm fresh

● Our startup Organic Farm Fresh is based on modified formulated compost consisting of parali and a natural
antimicrobial agent for button mushrooms
● It includes two social issues which are health-related and environment-related.
● Eating mushrooms could be treated breast, colon and prostate cancer.
● It’s the only source of vitamin D after the sunlight and is also rich in vitamin C, and micro and macro
● The problem associated with this prestigious cash crop having a short life span and being attracted by many
bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens
● The second main problem is air pollution by the burning of parali, it’s the environmental problem in
northern India.
● To solve this problem, we designed formulated compost by using parali as a main component of the
substrate. Its resolves air pollution and make the environment eco-friendly.
● Our USP is natural antibacterial agent that we will not spray we will add to the formulated compost, which
is made by using parali.

Manav neer

• Manavneer, a startup dedicated to addressing water pollution from industrial sources, focuses on developing a chemical formula to detoxify polluted water waste from factories. • By leveraging innovative chemical processes, Manavneer aims to mitigate the environmental impact of industrial effluents, offering a sustainable solution to reduce toxicity levels and safeguard water resources. 


• Li-koff is a team of 5 enthusiastic women.

• Nitrosamine is a ubiquitous alkylating environmental pollutant.

• They have the property to alkylate our DNA and cause mutation which ultimately leads to cancer development. 

• They are everywhere, like in packaged goods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even potable water.

• This problem has led us to build Li-koff which is a bioengineered E.coli (a bacteria) built to detect these nitrosamines in a very cost-effective manner.

• E.coli has a natural DNA repair mechanism

• We are planning to make a ” Whole-Cell based paper biosensor”


• Developing edible cutlery out of waste watermelon rind, watermelon seed and ragi millet.


We have proposed an “ORA-CAN” app that will act as a screening tool for early detection of oral cancer.

● There will be certain set of questionnaire which has to be answered and app will take your biometric as well.

● Based on these 2, scoring will be done and individual will be categorized as low ,moderate ,high or very high risk.

● With this device an attempt is made for early detection of oral cancer which is the key to successful treatment and reduction in the morbidity

Flexo Magnetic

● What if I tell u that the instruments used by your dentist during this treatment acts as a double ended sword to the dentist and to the patient.

● So basically we endodontic perform root canals treatment using files which are either made up of stainless steel or NITI.

● But in some scenario’s these files , get broken or separated in the root canal.

● So, the main issue is not the file separation rather the consequences faced due to the file separation that is persistent pain, incomplete

root canal treatment, and fall in dentist reputation.

● So,we here come up with our product which retrieves this stainless steel files with the help of innovative magnetism principle.

Polymer for pollution

From environmental point of view, the chemical method is a sustainable solution for different water bodies.

● Among the chemical treatment methods, coagulation and flocculation are the most preferred one.

● It involves the formation of chemical flocks that adsorb, entrap or bring together suspended matters.

● There are so many investigations underway to find solution for cheaper treatment, easy disposal and utilization of wastewater from different units in India.

● With the development of chemical industry, the organic polymers were introduced for the treatment of different types of water.

● Cationic and anionic polymers are extensively used as primary & secondary coagulants.

● The benefit of using polymers in conjunction with inorganic coagulant is low polymer dose, small amount of sludge generation, less ionic load in treated water and reduced dosage of inorganic coagulant

Soil Monitor

provides a Smart Sustainable IoT Based Solution for Monitoring Soil parameters with good accuracy. 

Plant Survival

Plant Survival is an innovative startup aiming to utilize electrical potential to revitalize plants. 

• Offering a unique approach to enhancing plant health and growth. 

• Through harnessing electrical stimulation, the startup seeks to explore new methods for improving plant resilience, productivity, and overall survival rates.


Innovative Concept: Spill Mate introduces a groundbreaking approach to mental health support by leveraging AI technology to create a virtual platform for psychology sessions.

• Accessible Mental Health Services: By harnessing the power of AI, Spill Mate aims to address the accessibility gap in mental health services. The virtual platform offers round-the-clock availability, allowing users to access psychology sessions conveniently from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating barriers such as geographical location and scheduling constraints.


• Innovative Navigation Solutions: Netra, a startup dedicated to assisting the visually impaired, focuses on developing cutting-edge gadgets designed specifically to aid in navigation. These gadgets utilize advanced technologies such as GPS, sensors, and artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback and guidance to the blind, enhancing their mobility and independence.

• Accessibility and Affordability: Recognizing the importance of accessibility and affordability, Netra strives to make their navigation gadgets widely available to individuals with visual impairments. By adopting cost-effective manufacturing processes and exploring potential partnerships with organizations and government agencies, the startup aims to maximize the reach of their products, making navigation assistance more accessible to those in need.


Innovative Technology: Mattivani aims to revolutionize agriculture with its innovative gadgets designed to detect soil and environmental conditions before planting. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as sensors and data analytics, Mattivani’s gadgets provide farmers with real-time insights into crucial factors like soil moisture, pH levels, and environmental conditions, empowering them to make informed decisions for optimal plant growth.

• Enhancing Sustainability: By enabling farmers to accurately assess soil and environmental conditions prior to planting, Mattivani’s gadgets contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. By optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact, farmers can cultivate crops more efficiently while conserving water, reducing chemical usage, and mitigating soil degradation, ultimately fostering long-term sustainability in agriculture.

• Empowering Farmers: Mattivani’s gadgets empower farmers with actionable data, helping them to increase crop yields, improve quality, and mitigate risks associated with unfavorable soil and environmental conditions. By providing accessible and user-friendly technology, Mattivani enables farmers of all scales to make data-driven decisions, enhancing productivity and profitability in agriculture while fostering resilience in the face of environmental challenges


Innovative Concept: Geodance aims to revolutionize attendance tracking through its innovative mobile application. By leveraging geo-location technology, the app offers a seamless and efficient solution for marking attendance accurately. • Enhanced Efficiency: The Geodance app streamlines the attendance process by eliminating the need for manual tracking methods. Through real-time geo-location tracking, users can effortlessly mark their attendance simply by being present at the designated location, saving time and reducing administrative burden.


Petlytica, a startup pioneering in biotechnology, aims to combat plastic pollution by leveraging the unique capabilities of fungi to degrade plastic waste.

• Through innovative research and development, Petlytica seeks to harness the enzymatic power of fungi to break down various types of plastic materials, offering a sustainable solution to the global plastic crisis


Lung cancer is the second most common cancer worldwide.

● By knowing the problem, we are introducing the solution through our startup, which is based on a biomolecule known as bacteriocin.

● Which is a ribosomally synthesized microbial peptide produced by bacteria.

● We are planning to use this antimicrobial agent to treat lung cancer. 


Our farmers are facing a major issues related to their cattles health.

● One of the major and fatal disease is FMD( Foot and Mouth Disease).

● FMD is a major disease of livestock in India and causes huge economic losses.

● We the student of biotechnology are intend to built a vaccine for this disease

Ratiram Limbs

We are working on providing robotics hands for people with disability to make themselves self-dependent.

● Nearly 190 million individuals worldwide have some form of physical handicap.

● We are attempting to create a wearable robotic arm controlled by brain waves for people with special needs to assist them with their everyday activities.

Detect Pathogen

We are a startup which is about the sepsis diagnostic test.

● In recent times the diagnostic tests already present in the Market are not able to detect all the pathogens and also take longer time which

causes the death of 3 million people out of 11 million cases in India every year.

● Our startup aims to overcome the limitations of the recent diagnostic tests by proposing our own sample preparation and using the minion sequencing platform for comprehensive information.

● The increased breadth to identify the known and unknown pathogens and the complete information like the antimicrobial resistance

profiling will differentiate our test in the sepsis diagnostic market


Cost Disruption: Pratihara aims to shake up the Cadevrine market by utilizing more common sources for extraction, leading to a significant reduction in production costs.

• Market Accessibility: Through its innovative approach, Pratihara seeks to make Cadevrine more accessible to a wider range of industries and consumers by offering a more affordable alternative.

• Competitive Advantage: By pioneering a cost-effective method for Cadevrine production, Pratihara establishes itself as a leader in the industry, poised to gain a competitive edge over traditional suppliers.

Eat Me

• Developing edible cutlery out of waste watermelon rind, watermelon seed and ragi millet.

Campus Connect

A dedicated application for the students and staff of the Universities. It will notify students and the faculties regarding the latest events, attendance, timetable and assignment submissions

Arc Survaillance

Objective: Ark Surveillance aims to develop software capable of accurately detecting and recognizing faces for attendance marking purposes. The software will utilize advanced

facial recognition algorithms to ensure reliable identification of individuals in various environments and lighting conditions.

• Innovation: The startup intends to implement cutting-edge technology to create a seamless and efficient attendance tracking system. By leveraging machine learning and computer

vision techniques, Ark Surveillance seeks to offer a solution that not only automates the attendance process but also enhances security measures within organizations.

• Impact: Ark Surveillance’s software has the potential to revolutionize traditional attendance management systems by eliminating the need for manual entry or physical biometric

devices. This innovation not only saves time and reduces errors but also improves overall security and accountability in educational institutions, workplaces, and other organizations.


Edukit is a startup committed to empowering school-going students by providing education on crucial life-changing skills.

• From teaching them how to build satellites to imparting CPR training.

• Edukit aims to equip students with practical knowledge that not only enhances their academic learning but also prepares them for real-world challenges and opportunities.

Sartech meta

Our idea is to provide virtualization of banquet halls.

● We provide software where users can edit all the arrangements of a banquet hall.

● Also we are working on creating our own virtually immersive multiplayer games.

● We already created 360 degree virtual tour of MR incubation center and sample of virtual work spaces to show case our product in market.

● We also aim to provide a virtual platform for retail businesses where consumers can visit virtual stores and shop while in their comfort zones

Wo guard

A women’s safety shield with the current appliance.

● The primary objective of this model is:

1. To develop a wearable device that allows current flow when there is an unwanted situation for a woman.

2. To provide an invisible shield to women.

3. To notify the nearby police stations and family members by automatically generating alert notifications.

4.To develop a model which has dual actions:

Safety Harness

Safety Harness is developing a cutting-edge smart safety harness system designed to detect disbalances and unsafe descents in real-time.

• The system incorporates advanced sensors capable of monitoring the wearer’s movements and posture, ensuring immediate alerts to the operator if any deviation from safe parameters is detected.

• By providing proactive warning signals, Safety Harness aims to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in various industries, thereby enhancing overall workplace

safety standards

Med Plant

Medicinal plants play a vital role in traditional medicine and have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments.

● Early detection of diseases in medicinal plants is crucial to protect the crop yield and maintain.

● One approach to early disease detection in medicinal plants is to use convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and transfer learning.

● CNNs are a type of deep-learning algorithm that can be trained to recognize patterns in images.

● This approach has been found to be highly effective, with an accuracy rate of 92%.

● Using this technology can help to improve the accuracy of disease detection.

Soil Thermometer

We are using IOT based technology for getting health status of our Indoor Plant.

● Indoor plant are prone to die quickly so therefore this device is designed to check health of plant as well as soil.

● We can just insert our stick into the soil which will consist Google lens to identify the plant, and then accurately gives us readings

about our plant health, soil condition and suggest us for the solution if problem is found.


Innovative Approach: Kuanos Probiotic adopts a unique strategy by harnessing bacteria to produce oxygen. This unconventional method challenges traditional oxygen generation techniques and opens up new possibilities for sustainable oxygen production.

• Environmental Impact: By utilizing bacteria to generate oxygen, Kuanos Probiotic demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. This approach has the potential to reduce reliance on energy-intensive oxygen production methods, leading to lower carbon emissions and ecological benefits.

• Potential Applications: The technology developed by Kuanos Probiotic has wide-ranging applications, from improving air quality in enclosed spaces to supporting oxygenation in agricultural and aquatic environments. Its versatility positions the startup as a key player in addressing various oxygen-related challenges across industries.

X Calibre

A bridge between the students and the eSports organizations so that the students can hone their skills in the best possible and appropriate environment


Innovative Solution: Align Track aims to revolutionize dental care by developing an app that tracks the timeline of teeth braces and upcoming appointments with the orthodontist. This innovative solution leverages technology to enhance patient experience and streamline the management of orthodontic treatment.

• Convenience and Efficiency: By providing users with a convenient way to monitor their braces journey and keep track of appointments, Align Track eliminates the hassle of manual record-keeping and reduces the likelihood of missed appointments. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures efficient management of dental care, empowering users to stay on top of their treatment progress effortlessly.

Visiodent X

Innovative Diagnostic Approach: Visiodentx aims to revolutionize the diagnostic process by developing an app that allows users to scan X-ray reports and receive accurate diagnoses swiftly. This innovative approach eliminates the need for physical visits to medical facilities for interpretation, offering convenience and efficiency to users.

• Streamlined Healthcare Access: By leveraging technology to create a platform for X-ray report analysis, Visiodentx enhances accessibility to healthcare services. Users can easily obtain expert opinions on their medical images remotely, reducing the burden on healthcare infrastructure and facilitating timely interventions.

• Empowering Patient Engagement: The Visiodentx app empowers patients by providing them with greater control over their healthcare journey. With the ability to scan X-ray reports and receive diagnoses promptly, patients can make informed decisions about their health while fostering a proactive approach to wellness management.

Saarthi/Labour Solution

Saarthi, a startup dedicated to enhancing the psychological well-being of small school-going children, aims to identify struggling children and connect them with psychologists for support and intervention.

• By leveraging technology and targeted screening methods, Saarthi endeavors to provide timely assistance to children facing psychological challenges, fostering a supportive environment for their mental health within the educational ecosystem


• Millicious: A pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing the cheese industry by producing cheese from millet, with a focus on sustainability, health, and innovation.

Millet Probiotic

Multimillet Probiotic aims to revolutionize the health beverage industry by introducing a unique probiotic drink made from millet, leveraging the nutritional benefits of this ancient grain while providing consumers with a delicious and gut-friendly alternative.