Innovation Outreach Program for Schools

A session on Innovation Outreach Program for Schools was organized by Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre for students of Govt. Senior Secondary School, NIT – 5 Faridabad. The fundamental purpose of the session was to build a strong foundation of Self-Reliance and Contribution to Community in the early years of learning of students’ life.

The students visited the Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre where they were showcased the various projects present in the lab. They were given an insight into how ideas can result in tangible products which solve real world problems. They were given an overview of the basic components of the projects involving sensors, processors, and IoT-based devices.

The students were glad to have an opportunity to view the different kinds of projects available ranging from electrical to electronic to web based projects. They were also informed about the different open source platforms which they could use to develop their own small projects which can then be prototyped as their own innovation.

The session was then opened for interaction where students gave their ideas about what they understood from entrepreneurship and were informed on how entrepreneurship develops from creative problem solving.

They were encouraged to interact with the community as a whole and keep their minds open to the possibilities of ideation so that they can come up with more and more ideas to solve problems they find around them as well as build on the ideas of others without any judgement.

It was suggested that a strategy to chalk down their ideas in a concrete manner would be helpful as they would be able to refer to those ideas whenever needed. Also focus was laid on getting out of the comfort zone and entering the learning zone for growth to happen.

Multidisciplinary and collaborative ideation was promoted and students were encouraged to build on their curiosity and never let a problem keep them down for long rather come up with interesting solutions and innovate to change the world.

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