Front End Web Technologies – Bootstrap

A workshop on Front End Web Technologies – Bootstrap was organised by MRIIC and conducted by Dr. Umesh Dutta (Director, MRIIC) and Ms. Ina Singh. Students of Computer Science Engineering, Computer Science Specialisation (Cloud Computing), Computer Science Specialisation (Cyber Security) and Electronics and Communication Engineering attended the workshop.

The session started with a discussion on Front End Web Technologies and their importance in easing user interaction and convenience of use. The session progressed with the rising relevance of frameworks that provide enhanced design capabilities within a specific time frame.

The hands-on part started right after introducing the Bootstrap framework and students coded along and developed their own one-page front-end website with all relevant sections. The students were familiarised with the concept of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and how to incorporate them in websites. This enabled them to use the predefined styling in bootstrap simply by using the class names associated with them.

The concept of using ‘div’ was introduced along with styling it as container. Elements like buttons, input boxes, forms and images were placed in it and styled according to students’ designs. The websites were designed containing sections of navbar, carousel, newsletter and footer. All these elements were individually worked upon and each detail was studied in detail.

A special emphasis was given on the use of colors and styles. Special stress was laid on using components that are responsive in nature owing to the variety of sizes of digital devices. The students perceived this session as a great resource and considered it a great skill to add to their resume. They looked forward to more such sessions in future. Further sessions may also work upon integrating front-end web technologies with back-end technologies.

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