Front End Web Technologies – HTML and CSS

A workshop on Front End Web Technologies – HTML and CSS was organised by MRIIC and conducted by Dr. Umesh Dutta (Director, MRIIC) and Ms. Ina Singh. Students of Computer Science Engineering, Computer Science Specialisation (Cloud Computing), Computer Science Specialisation (Cyber Security) and Electronics and Communication Engineering attended the workshop.

The session was held in a completely hands-on manner. It started with an introduction to Front End Technologies and their utility in the digital age. The focus was on two main technologies: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

The students were guided on how to make a front-end web page using HTML boiler plate code in the VS Code environment and introduced to the various elements that could be present on the page. The basic tags of an HTML page were discussed like html, head and body and what can be contained within each.

The elements like headings, paragraphs, buttons, inputs, forms, anchors and images were elaborated upon and discussed in detail with additional functionality. After adding elements, their placements were worked upon and then the task of their styling was undertaken using CSS. The three different styles: inline CSS, using <style> tag as well as in a separate file app.css were tackled in the workshop.

Students were appreciative of the opportunity to learn these skills and were able to design a theme based one-page front-end website with the skills taught during the workshop. Future workshop involving use of Frameworks for Front End Design were also planned based on student interest.

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