Ideation and Prototype Development Workshop with Arduino

An Ideation and Prototype Development Workshop with Arduino was conducted by Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre on 9th December 2022 led by Mr. Vikas Sharma.

The workshop was aimed to provide first year engineering students an idea of the development journey of a project from idea to prototype to commercial product. The workshop was held in a hands-on manner where Mr. Sharma interacted with the students on what they perceived were things that are of utility in the society, community or industry.

The students came up with many suggestions and each idea was followed up with a small discussion on how to make a product that would achieve the desired task. In all cases, some need for digitization, control and web integration was felt.

Here, Mr. Sharma introduced the students to the Arduino Uno board which is a popular choice among many beginners to develop small scale prototypes or working models. The workshop allowed students to understand the fundamental working of Arduinos and design small projects on the online platform TinkerCAD.

Students were divided in groups and tried to create small projects under the guidance of Mr. Sharma. It was encouraging to see the enthusiastic response of students as they developed a traffic light system, Mobile controlled robot, Line follower robot and Home Automation systems.

The students were glad to see such tangible results and showed promise in designing their own prototypes in future.

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