Makeathon 2023

Organised by – Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation Centre

Sponsored by – Applied Materials &


Dec 30, 2022:
Registration begins
Jan 25, 2023:
Last date for submissions
Jan 28, 2023:
Selected Ideas posted on Website
Jan 30, 2023:
Students arrive at MRIIRS
Jan 31, 2023:
Makeathon concludes

Makeathon is a hardware/software hackathon to develop innovative solutions for the problems faced by society or industrial organizations. The event is aimed at creating tech-driven products that address challenges and improve user experience.

The team can choose a problem statement of their own that aligns with the categories and develop an innovative hardware or software product. If their category is not listed below, they can choose ‘Open Innovation’.

Categories: Healthcare, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart Wearables, AR/VR, E-Governance, Social Cause and Open Innovation.

Makeathon 2023 will be a 28-hour day-and-night event starting at 10:00 am on 30th January 2023 continuing till 2:00 pm on 31st January 2023.

1. Team

Create a team. Team members can be from different colleges. 

3. Video

Create a video of working project or presentation and upload to YouTube.

Follow steps 1 to 3

Before Registration


  1. Teams must consist of minimum 2 to maximum 4 participants.
  2. There is no participation fee for the event.
  3. The hackathon will be held for 28 hours continuously at MRIIRS, Faridabad.
  4. Students need to submit project details in the registration link provided.
  5. A video presentation of the working of project needs to be submitted at the time of registration.
  6. The project must be original to the team.
  7. Students must provide Bill of Materials (BOM) so that hardware can be arranged on time.
  8. Students might be asked to make changes in their prototypes based on outcome of the multiple judging rounds.
Cash Prize

Winning team shall receive cash prize of INR 10,000/-


Miscellaneous awards in different categories


Participation Certificates shall be provided to all the participants.


Participation kits for all participants.

Event Sponsors & Partners:

Have Any Questions?


For other queries, contact us directly:

Students belonging to any institution can form a team as long as they restrict team size to 2-4 members.

There are canteens in the university premises that the students can access as and when they need as per their discretion. Food can be arranged  by us on a chargeable basis.